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Val Tidone

Our Land
The Piacenza province is composed of many and diverse climates, landscapes and cultures: on one side, the foggy Bassa Padana running along the mighty river Po and, on the other, the hills and their green valleys populated by castles and villas, signs of the ancient feudal past.

The Apennines in the Piacenza area have gone unaltered through the centuries. The landscape diversity of the Piacenza province influences its agriculture and its viticulture, rightly located in the hill area. The scenery is a continuous sequence of vineyards, woods and traditional villages suddenly interrupted by a fortress or a castle as strong reminders of the innate ability of the Piacenza people to watch over its land.

Without any doubts, the vineyards are the oldest plantation in the Piacenza area. The Romans were among the first to grow, produce and appreciate the Piacenza wines. They used to say: “vinum merum placentinum laetificat”, the pure Piacenza wines bring joy and that surely has improved over time, thanks to traditions and tireless and passionate work.

The strong wine-production vocation of the area, thanks to its natural characteristics, allowed for a high-quality production, in constant evolution.

Discovering Val Tidone

Lorena, a tour guide from the Piacenza association Atlante, which has been creating tours and holiday experiences for years, will give you suggestions on what to see in the area.

The churches. Proper hidden gems can be admired in the San Giovanni Battista church in Castel San Giovanni and in Santa Maria Assunta, located in Borgonovo VT where frescos, paintings, statues and, above all, the outstanding wooden polyptychs from the 15th century can be admired.

The churches

The Val Tidone valley is simply marvelous. It will enthrall its visitors with its hills and their deep vineyards, its small, medieval villages, its ancient windmills, the castles and the churches. The valley can be enjoyed on one’s

The Val Tidone valley

The vineyards. From May until October, so from the vineyards flush to the month they begin to redden, we strongly suggest not to miss the beautiful scenery of the Ziano Piacentino area and its hills; moving north to Vicobarone and, from there, to Montalbo, where the San Cristoforo copper dome is, is more than enough to appreciate the neat lines of the vineyards developing until the horizon.

The vineyards

The villages. Nibbiano and Caminata, on top of the Val Tidone valley, preserved their medieval characteristics, with narrow streets creating small labyrinths and intimate courtyards that deserve a visit to get a taste of the past, even though Castell’Arquato and Bobbio are more famous.

The villages.

Castle enthusiast. The Piacenza area has one of the highest numbers of castles in Italy. Towers, castles and fortresses are simply everywhere!

In the Val Tidone valley: the Rocca d’Olgisio, Agazzano, Sarmato e Rivalta castles offer guided tours during spring and summer; the Castelnovo VT fortress can be booked by groups and can be visited during special occasions, such as the Val Tidone Wine Fest in September.

Castle enthusiast.

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