Gutturnio Superiore Fermo D.O.C.

Gutturnio Superiore Fermo D.O.C.

Grape variety: Barbera (55%) and Croatina (45%)

Origin: Hills located in the Ziano Piacentino and Castel San Giovanni areas.

Alcoholic strength: 12.5%

Color: Deep red.

Palate: Dry, velvety, firm

Vinification: Traditional on the skins followed by aging in a tank for 3 months

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Gutturnio Superiore Fermo D.O.C.

It is a blend of Barbera and Croatina, refined in the bottle.

Its flavor is the ideal match for stewed and savory meat.

Best served at room temperature of 18° c.

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Pairings: It is an ideal match for stewed, savory meats, pasta and sauces.

History of the vineyard: Gutturnio is a blend of Barbera (55-70%) and Croatina (30-45%). The name comes from a two-liter silver mug known as Gutturnium, found in the river Po near Croce S. Spirito in 1878, used by the Romans to drink wine. To learn more about the history of Gutturnio, click here.