Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children

To the Vicobarone Winery, sustainability is the best way to transfer to new generations a winery and a land that were not impoverished and exploited but are instead still rich in natural and human resources.

Sustainability rests on three pillars, all equally important:
  • The Economy: without generating income, a business cannot survive.
  • The Community:people make the businesses and the territory.
  • The Environment: farming and agriculture cannot happen on an impoverished soil.

What sustainability means to us

“Sviluppo sì, ma sostenibile”.
In July 2011, the Italian Ministry for the Environment started a project at a national level to measure the sustainability of the vineyard-to-wine production chain. The V.I.V.A certification (it values the sustainability of wine production) is based on four indicators: the water, the air, the vineyards and the soil to measure environmental performances and to describe the winery from a socio-economical point of view.

The Vicobarone Winery achieved the certification by the Ministry and by V.I.V.A. for two of its guaranteed labels; the Gutturnio frizzante D.O.C. dei Colli Piacentini and the Malvasia frizzante D.O.C. dei Colli Piacentini which proved to have a low impact on the environment from the vineyard to the winery and distribution.

Natural resources, those of Colli Piacentini as well, are not unlimited and they must be respected. The Vicobarone Winery started, together with the Piacenza Università Cattolica, a sustainability program to preserve and to leave to new generation an area still rich in natural resources.