The vineyards

Our vineyards

The Piacenza vinicultural heritage is incredibly wide and diverse, including many native varieties which testify the willingness of the producers to strengthen the identity of the area. The Vicobarone Winery strongly believes in such an important mission to build up our grapes and our wines.
The Guyot Semplice (Simple) is the most common vine training in the Colli Piacentini area.
It creates a structure known as spalliera which landscape our hills with a striking neat sequence of longitudinal lines. The Guyot Simple prunes most of the fruiting canes except the capo a frutto, a one year old cane, and a sperone, a very small cane with two or three gems. Historically, the Guyot Simple is the best training for our traditional vineyards, such as the Barbera, the Croatina, the Malvasia and the Ortrugo. The Guyot is the training that involves the highest number of workers, especially for the pruning, the most important part: it takes place during the vegetative rest and it is crucial for the quality of the next vintage.

The Casarsa is another vine training used in the area.
Its traditional form involves the construction of a fixed rope at 1.6 -1.7 m. Three to four canes with four to five gems each are attached to the rope. A two-string structure is then connected to the main rope. The canes are not tied so, when the bunches stem from the gems, they will point towards the ground, protecting the grapes from the sun. In our area, the Casarsa does not use the structure above the main rope, leaving the canes completely free. Even though it is not widely used, it remains a traditional training, found in all vineyards.

Over the last years, because of the increasing mechanization, especially for the pruning, the Cordone Speronato training has become more important. At the beginning of the winter rest, after the pruning, one or two fruiting canes are left on the plant for four or five years at least. On each cane, four speroni (small fruiting canes) are left. In the following years, the pruning will only renew the sperone, year after year. This vine training creates the spalliera like the others so it is ideal for the Barbera and Ortrugo varieties.

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