Wine in Bulk

Bottling wine in one’s home is an enthralling ritual: choosing the ideal wine, buying in bulk in a demijohn and finally preparing the special bottles with one’s own hand.

Buying wine in bulk is an old and new ritual at the same time. It combines the passion for wines together with that for cherished traditions, passed down from generation to generation. Furthermore, bottling at home offers many added values: buying directly from a known and respected source, preparing everyday wine with one’s hand and, last but not least, reducing the costs.

The Vicobarone Winery has always supported such a ritual and welcomes all the D.I.Y. enthusiasts to support them in carrying on a tradition that cares about quality and joy above all.

The Vicobarone Winery stores offer a wide range of wines in bulk.


  • Ortrugo DOC
  • Pinot
  • Malvasia Dolce e Secco
  • Bonarda Dolce e Secco
  • Barbera Val Tidone
  • Gutturnio DOC

The PIACENZA store:

  • Red table wine
  • White table wine
  • Barbera Val Tidone
  • Gutturnio DOC