Wine Club

Every Club deserving its name brings together people sharing a common passion. Our Club is all about the wines produced by the Vicobarone Winery.

The WINE CLUB was created for those who want to be up to date with our events, to follow what we do step after step and, last but not least, to visit the Winery to taste the results of our work.

For the Wine Club members, we organize dedicated tastings and special offers when buying our products because we believe they are the rightful rewards for those who decided to share the passion for our wines with us.

Joining the WINE CLUB can be done through our website or in our stores where the WINE CARD will be released. It gives access to exclusive offers for Club members.

Furthermore, members will receive our monthly newsletter with all the Winery news and special invites to our tastings and many other surprises dedicated to them.

Join the Wine Club!